A Little ZipBamBoom From Livewire and You’re #1

Performance Transmission came to us in need of a Gainesville SEO Expert. Luckily, we have one of those and loan him out on occasion. They had tried other SEO tactics and were just not seeing the results they needed. No matter what they were doing they couldn’t jawbone Google into responding. We offered them our popular staff training package. This way they don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars per month having someone outside of the company doing their SEO, they can easily manage it themselves with just a few hours work per week.

They did their part, seeking out backlinks, adding content. And we did ours, aligning the site structure, making the website responsive and putting out a set of backlinks ourselves. Fast forward about 6 weeks and they not only saw an improvement, they’re sitting at #1 for great keywords like.

  • Auto Repair Gainesville
  • Transmission Repair Gainesville
  • Auto Shop Gainesville, and many more.

Stellar Results!

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