Don’t Think Page Load Times Matter? Think Again.

A recent study by Google really hit home for online retailers or anyone looking to make a sale/conversion online.

As Forbes points out: “53% of mobile site visitors will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.”

Google’s recommendations usually hover around one to one and a half seconds for a full page load. This is a tight fit for most businesses. The best scenario is to avoid shared hosting, it is the number one cause of speed issues. Slow response times to requests will decimate your page load time. Dedicated servers are expensive, however, we provide them at a cost everyone can afford. 

We see a lot of WordPress out there too. That’s fine, we love WordPress too, but there is no shortage of speed issues with the content management system. Learning how to control page speed here is key. Cache plugins help, but to get to the core of WP’s speed issues you need a professional to dive in and preform some healing action to the program’s default perfunctory processes.


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