Livewire SEO

The most common question we receive following a website launch is, “How can I increase traffic to my website without spending a fortune or buying ads?” Every website we develop for a customer includes what we refer to as “Basic SEO”; this simply means that we will fill each of your pages with on-page search terms that people are using to reach your company or organization.

However there are even more things we can do to help you outperform your competition: Livewire SEO. If you aren’t completing everything on the list below, you risk losing ground to your rivals in search results, which could directly affect sales.

  • Our Core SEO Solutions:
    Update software, plugins, and themes, and perform regular site optimization checks as part of your website maintenance plan.
  • Regular Site Backups: Get daily or monthly full site backups for peace of mind.
  • Consistent virus checks for site security. Search engines give more weight to secure websites.
  • Determine which keyword phrases will provide you the best options in search results using keyword research and targeting.
  • On-Page SEO: Evaluate current meta and on-page content for search engine optimization
  • Track the chosen keywords over time to gauge the effectiveness of your site with a keyword tracker.
  • Monthly SEO Performance Reports: Keep track of site traffic and the position of your website in search results.
  • Google Site Tools: Configuring and tying together (where required) Google accounts for Google Search Console,
  • Google My Business (formerly called Google Business), Google Analytics, etc.


Our SEO services give your website the boost it needs to rank high on search engines for top level keywords. Plans start at $350/mo.