Facebook Ads V2

Still debating whether or not to use facebook ads?

The short answer is you just have to put something out there to get the data back in order to determine if it gives you that ROI or not. Facebook’s network is extensive and the major benefit of advertising on it is how highly you can target your audience. Take a look at this infographic for some perspective. There is a lot to learn about facebook ads before you just throw out a campaign and decide it’s not worth the trouble after it is unsuccessful.

Facebook can be a strong content delivery tool too. Through post boosting and their ad network you can funnel users to your website, facebook page or landing page. Granted the company is losing popularity in its endless efforts to charge for everything – including reaching your “like” audience. Past that the FB ad network is powerful and extensive so it makes sense to give it shot – being able to target individuals by interest, work experience, education level, or even relationship status can be a huge boost to your traffic.