What is Lorem Ipsum?

Lorem ipsum is simply Latin text. Gobbledygook, essentially. Well, not really; It does have its roots in latin text from just before the BC to BCE line, so that puts it around 2000 years old. Past that, it’s gibberish. 

Web Design Gainesville Florida
Web Design Gainesville Florida

Sometimes web developers need filler text to create web pages. Instead of just typing the word “text” over and over, random latin words tend to make things more attractive. The reason is that it mimics written english quite nicely. The word spacing is similar so the reader can conceptualize english in that space. The second reason it is a useful tool for web developers is that users/clients will see not pay attention to what the text is saying since they cannot understand it – this is beneficial when you’re trying to have a client focus on the layout only, not necessarily what is being said on a website. Here’s a quick sample of lorem ipsum:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer pulvinar augue magna, vel rutrum est lacinia eget. Morbi ultrices vestibulum eleifend. Pellentesque id faucibus magna. Nullam aliquet sollicitudin lacus at consequat. Integer tristique sem et nisl tempus congue.

The Amazon Dams Network

Proud to present the first online version of the Amazon Dams Network. This has been a project Livewire has been working on for several months

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