To Gimp or Not To Gimp

In the world of photo editing, adobe photoshop is king. They really do have an amazing product. It’s sleek, works great, and is very robust sporting dozens and dozens of functions and endless possibilities for the graphic artist.  Photoshop is also very, very expensive. The entire Adobe creative suite is a major ripoff in our opinion. What is the alternative… well, opensource market provides ….

gimp gainesville

Gimp is the open source alternative to expensive photoshop. It is very robust and does basically everything AP will. It takes some getting used to but the interface is clean simple and there are plenty of core functions to keep you busy.  Adobe has dominated the photo editing market, unfortunately no one has something exactly as powerful for a reasonable price but Gimp is as close as it gets. But it’s free bro!



Matt Birk has a new website

This is responsive website with layout originally conceived by HTML5. Clean and simple, it is just what the doctor, er, lawyer ordered. Matt needed something

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