New apps coming down the pipe

We have 6 new apps coming out over the next few months. Very excited to roll these out – unfortunately we can’t give you too many details but we have a couple apps geared toward attorneys and the legal industry, one that deals with product shipping and another that connects businesses with first time customers in a brand new way.

We have high hopes but we know this industry. Making a hit app is one-in-a-million… literally. All we really want to do is carve out a nice niche and give as many people as we can a high quality useful product. We’re not looking for the next facebook, twitter or even the next Angry Birds – app building is not about that, it’s about making something of quality that a segment of an industry will find useful. We go into it with ROI on the mind, not dollar signs in our eyes. Development takes time, sometimes, a long time, but it’s worth it.

Javascript called by PHP

Interesting little snippet. What is going on here? Livewire gives you the low down.    if($num_rowvs == 0){ echo ‘<script>// <![CDATA[ alert(“This is an alert

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