CSS Evolution

Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS revolutionized the way the web was/is written. The next evolution has been the roll out of CSS3. With all kinds of new tricks, CSS3 promises to take web programming to the next level … and beyond. We generally hand code all of our style sheets but we have been known to use various tools to enhance our, or our client’s, experience.

Simple CSS is a pretty good tool for taking some of the time out of writing code. The shortcode is accurate and style sheets are lightweight, as they should be.



Another online tool we came across worth mentioning is Code beautifier. Great for formatting and optimizing CSS, some of us make it a regular part of our CSS toolbox.



Pretty neat. All in all, CSS is just awesome. Coupled with HTML5, there’s no frontier out of reach anymore. Even the app world will soon be playing catch up to the old soul – HTML.



The problems with Wix

Wix is a do-it-yourself website builder. While this may seem to be in direct competition with Gainesville Web Design companies, they fill an important niche;

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