Fraternity Management Has a New Website

Fraternity management needed something up quickly and something that was affordable. Glad to know that they chose us as their Gainesville Web Design team.  Additional to the website they requested a simple program that managed their payment modules. As experienced PHP developers, we were able to quickly put something together at no additional charge. Our Gainesville web designers are second to none when it comes to customization.

Overall a simple website, which is exactly the point. Clean, easy to navigate, to the point…. all 100% responsive, ready for mobile. Our team put this together in just under a week and had it online a short time afterward. We were able to adapt and respond quickly to the needs of our newest client. Now another happy one.

Offline linking

This is a profound point. A lot of linking takes place offline. Sounds weird but many great links sprout from the personal relationships you make

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The Best of HTML 5

Thank Goodness HTML 5 is finally here and it’s everything we expected it to be and more! Out of the many new features with the

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Page Speed Insights

The importance of page load speeds for website performance cannot be emphasized in the current digital environment. A website’s loading speed can make or break

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