The Brief Business Guide To Instagram

Instagram is a misunderstood product for most business owners. Isn’t facebook enough?


Unfortunately you must not only adapt to the changing social media platforms but you have to keep adapting to all the various forms of networkings online. For some it’s fun, for others it’s a necessary evil, still others refuse to join in. I don’t knock them for it, but it’s the wrong approach. Instagram is pretty simple and with these tips you can maximize its effectivness for your business.

  •  When you download the app, use the same handle as the one used on your twitter profile – easy. smart.
  • Be sure to connect your other social networks – first to get the word out, but also to keep everything feeding off of everything else.
  • Be creative with your photos
  • Brand your photos with your logo
  • Share share share
  • Use hashtags
  • Keep engaging your followers – like other’s photos, this keeps you fresh in their mind.
  • Monitor you analytics and make adjustments accordingly. If you aren’t reaching your audience, it’s time for a different approach.

Keep in mind that for all this social networking, 90% of business is the same as it ever was. You need to connect on a personal level with your clients. Take an actual interest in their project and their goals. And you have to have a great product. Social media helps, but it’s not going to be the defining factor in your business success.