Bed Bug Guru Has a New Website

New website up and running. This turned out to be a rush job so it is actually a work in progress. Their business is opening in a few days and they needed something up quickly that was still professional.

Glad they called Livewire.

We cooked up a great flexible design that allows us to get the skeleton up and online while continuing to develop for the next couple of weeks. That provides search engines the chance to go ahead and crawl/index the site and start building some online presence right away. We were able to meet their needs and create an excellent platform for a scalable, affordable website.

The company provides bed bug inspection – via K9 – which is cool – and now they’re adding extermination to their portfolio.  Their dogs have a 95% + success rate for identifying bed bugs. Certainly they have their bsuienss down pat, and now they have a great new Gainesville Website to complement it.

gainesville website – bed bug guru