Digital Worlds

Just finished up a long term project with Digital Worlds at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

This web design project intends to reach young audiences with compelling content. It is a place for them to upload videos, share, collaborate and get insights into problems and issues that affect their peers. The “portal”, in a sense, centers around video content features:

  • Robust user management system
  • Users can private message each other or favorite videos. The user profile system allows them to upload an avatar, list their social network links and interact with the website.
  • The video upload system is custom build by Livewire, it features youtube and vimeo support. Using the power of embedly, the script automatically pulls all the information from the video into a format the website can use.
  • A unique category system gives the admins easy to use control panel for managing and categorizing videos
  • Content is held in queue for moderation – no naughty videos, everything must be suitable for minors

Swiftly understanding the needs of our clients Livewire was able to turn a tired wordpress installation to a scalable, sound web portal that gives users maximum interactivity.