New Beginnings: Mcgriff WIlliams Insurance

New clients start today: Mcgriff Williams Insurance has decided to start a new campaign for online insurance quotes.

We’ll be providing a key marketing role with their new website:

They have the very latest in online quotes and are attempting to break into a heavily saturated market filled with big time players. We have our work cut out for us, that’s for sure. But we’re up to the challenge. We know we can dominate in markets across Florida – we’ve done it with plenty of other clients. The large insurance companies don’t have all the know-how you’d expect them to sometimes and because they’re so large they leave out smaller markets that don’t meet their margins – that’s our foot in the door so to speak. Once we gain a foothold then it’s only a matter of time before we start competing in larger markets such as Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, etc..

The work is daunting though.  So much to be done but we’re so glad to have them on board – and to have this opportunity to show them what Livewire can do. It’s not just great web design anymore – we are the SEO masters around here.