New Projects

We’re excited to have new projects coming in on a regular basis. On the menu for the next few weeks are some great opportunities to expand our portfolio and our reach.

Lake Butler is electing a new Sheriff soon and we’ll be creating one of the candidate’s websites. That one will be fun as we’ve never done a political website.

Meyers – Sterner, a long time client of ours has had some wonderful success on Google recently snatching top spots for excellent keywords in their industry (new and used food processing equipment). This has been a long term project but we’re glad they stuck it out as things are really paying off with huge gains in Search Engine rankings and traffic.

Our new Gainesville Web Marketing website is up and running, check it out at – we love this new layout plus it’s responsive as all get-out, which is awesome as all get-out. GWM reaches some niche keywords but the new layout is our signal at pushing this site much harder to exemplify and showcase our stunning SEO work.

Budding biologist had a lot of new updates this week – it was fun to get back on that project – it’s a fun website.

Florida Investigators also requested a redesign and we’re nearly done with that. It’s a great new layout and also responsive. Mr. Dwyer is sure to be pleased.

That’s all for now. Carry on.