Come On Folks, It’s All About Site Structure, Still!

I like what Jeff Bezos said about your margin being his opportunity. In the same way, for other SEO companies out there, your inattention to site structure is our opportunity. We just wish your clients didn’t have to suffer through it before they come to us to get it right. We had a recent client, Lawn Enforcement Agency, that was having a very hard time with their SEO. The company they were using was underperforming and they were lost in the digital abyss of forgotten sites … somewhere past page 10, in the dark nether regions of  digital forgottenness.

They were doing some things right; adding content, creating a somewhat decent backlinking campaign. But they were moving nowhere in the rankings on any of the major three search engines. We took a quick look at their source code on the website and knew exactly what the problem was. Livewire created a new, fully optimized, website and put it online in about a week. Once Google and the other search engines indexed the site again they immediately saw positive results. Within 3 weeks they were on page 1 again and closing in on top positions for all of their target keywords.

It really is that simple sometimes. Coding is so frequently overlooked by SEO companies we see Google and the other search engines paying more and more attention to it. SEO companies so focused on content being king that they forget that a king without subjects is just a crazy person in a robe.

Livewire is adept at putting the right pieces of the SEO puzzle in the right places. It is common for site structure to be that one missing piece in your optimization strategy. We can look at that for you and give you the straight shot of what you need to rank on all major search engines.


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