Messaging When Switching From iPhone to Droid

Sneaky little issue pops up when you move away from iphone. Other iphone users that previously texted you won’t be able to text you the same way once you switch. This is because when you both were using iphones, the messaging system was not the typical SMS, but iphone’s messaging systems, native to it. So when you switch, those people will need to reconfigure your number in their phone’s messaging system to be able to contact  you. Dirty little secret, huh?

HotOpponents Hack

We have seen this one a few times coming from WordPress but we have also seen it in Google Analytics code or simply in a

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What’s Worse?

What’s worse than these dang North Florida love bugs? Having a poor website, for one. A website should be like the dream employee . It

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Here at Livewire, Gainesville Web Design headquarters, we have had a couple of projects recently that allowed us to work with JSON and PHP. Initially

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