Here at Livewire, Gainesville Web Design headquarters, we have had a couple of projects recently that allowed us to work with JSON and PHP. Initially it may seem a bit strange for PHP experts to want to embed javascript functionality in their code base but the two work together as well as peanut butter and… Continue reading JSON and PHP

The problems with Wix

Wix is a do-it-yourself website builder. While this may seem to be in direct competition with Gainesville Web Design companies, they fill an important niche; mainly, those customers that cannot afford a professional website but still desire to have a nice looking design for their business. The templates are nicely made in most cases –… Continue reading The problems with Wix

Branding & Marketing Services

Livewire is proud to announce that we are now offering professional branding and marketing services. Phil, the owner, never considered branding services because, well to be honest, he is terribleĀ at graphic design (he’s a programmer so it’s okay). Branding services include but are not limited to : Branding boards, iconography & custom logo design (which… Continue reading Branding & Marketing Services

Photography Services

At Livewire we have not had photography services in the past, leaving it up to clients to procure their own services for website pictures. Over time, this has become an inconvenience. Mainly, waiting for images holds up the design process. We are so glad we found Kimber Greenwood at Waterbear Photography. She has been a… Continue reading Photography Services