Photography Services

At Livewire we have not had photography services in the past, leaving it up to clients to procure their own services for website pictures. Over time, this has become an inconvenience. Mainly, waiting for images holds up the design process. We are so glad we found Kimber Greenwood at Waterbear Photography. She has been a… Continue reading Photography Services

You get 15 seconds! Web Design Trends for 2016

Mobile is in and users are becoming increasingly impatient. In 2014, 55% of users spent less than 15 seconds on a webpage according to data by Tony Haile of Chartbeat.  This means you only have 15 seconds to capture a users attention and convert a visitor to a customer. User-Centered Design is critical to the success… Continue reading You get 15 seconds! Web Design Trends for 2016

New Website for NWSF!

Northwest Seafood got hacked unfortunately. Being previous clients of ours we came to the rescue. The site was damaged beyond repair so our team of Gainesville Web Design experts took hold and gave them a brand new website in a matter of days. We always support our clients in their hour of need. That’s what separates… Continue reading New Website for NWSF!

Guardian Association Management Has A New Website

Pleased to introduce the new Guardian Association Management website. This is a clean minimalistic layout that funnels users directly into services and payments pages. Gainesville GAM came to us needing something up in a timely manner, clean, modern, and looked great on mobile. We were happy to oblige. In just a few short weeks we… Continue reading Guardian Association Management Has A New Website

Digital Worlds

Just finished up a long term project with Digital Worlds at the University of Florida in Gainesville. This web design project intends to reach young audiences with compelling content. It is a place for them to upload videos, share, collaborate and get insights into problems and issues that affect their peers. The “portal”, in a… Continue reading Digital Worlds

Early Learning Coalition Has A New Website

The ELC of alachua county came to us looking for some help with their current website. They had evidently been hacked on their Joomla installation and there were a number of issues that rippled out from that. We attempted to fix the installation but the site was outdated and needed a refresh anyway. We mentioned… Continue reading Early Learning Coalition Has A New Website

Moving Day

Moving day, er, week, here at Livewire. New offices located at 2606 NW 6th Street are being filled in with all of our useful junk. Very exciting to be in a premium location with large signage and great new neighbors. Livewire has teamed up with Gnosys Networks to offer a wider range of services for… Continue reading Moving Day

Gatorland Kubota Has A New Website

A great new site for a great company with new ownership. Gatorland Kubota sells and services all kinds of farm and lawn equipment. A family owned and operated business there is no doubt that they want the best for their customers. After all, they chose livewire didn’t they?

What’s New For 2015

Really, we’re not all that sure. We’ll go where the winds blow us but we do have some exciting projects to start out the year right. January will be a big month for us here at Livewire and we hope it only goes up from there. We’re glad to be partnering with some excellent organizations… Continue reading What’s New For 2015

Better Than Notepad: Notepad ++

We love this little program. It’s a replacement for Notepad called Notepad++. It’s like notepad on steroids. Lots of  new, useful functions – essentially, everything Microsoft neglected to put into their product,; open source, once again, has provided a better alternative. Easy find/replace functions, even in files so no need to know exactly where the… Continue reading Better Than Notepad: Notepad ++

TNA The Facial Pain Association has a new website

Glad to have them on board! The Facial Pain Association does some really great work on helping people with debilitating condition known as TNA. Facial pain is a serious condition and options are often limited for sufferers. Fortunately they do have the association there to assist them in any way they can. From support groups,… Continue reading TNA The Facial Pain Association has a new website

Budding Biologist has a new website

A cute website for a really neat childrens’ book series by budding biologist. Their new website is responsive, meaning it is mobile ready and will display correctly across all devices and all browsers. Integrated web store and using the latest in HTML 5 and CSS3 media queries. Cloud cover on the background is 100% CSS… Continue reading Budding Biologist has a new website

Thomas Jackson Updates

John Pailing and I have been hard at work upgrading what is already an incredible website. We have made several layout changes and are playing with a few ideas that will really add to the depth and relevance of the site. It is truly an honor to be a part of history in such a… Continue reading Thomas Jackson Updates

New Mobile SIte

Head on over to livewiregeeks on your mobile device It’s our new mobile site based on Chalis iwebapp – a powerful framework that works well across the board. Livewire mobile has everything our main website has but is built for mobile devices. A custom redirect script detects whether a user is accessing the website via a… Continue reading New Mobile SIte

Our New Look

Take a peak at our main website’s new look! We’re proud to present a brand new layout and style for Livewire Web Design. We work hard on your websites, so we took a few days to upgrade ours – we added a new optimization center that gives prices and information about our SEO gainesville web… Continue reading Our New Look

New Web Program: Brain Development Maps

Creating was a great opportunity to work on a very interesting site; Shirley came to Livewire with very specific needs. There is nothing ‘typical’ or ‘standard’ about this website, it is in a word, unique. allows users to view highly detailed brain mapped images online. These images, when standing alone are several hundred… Continue reading New Web Program: Brain Development Maps

New Partners

We’ve partnered up with PWH Tech Solutions – one of Gainesville’s premier IT companies – to build some great new apps and web programs. We wish we could tell you all about it but things are pretty hush-hush right now. Suffice it to say that these are huge projects that will benefit people and businesses… Continue reading New Partners

What the Heck! The Boutique Guide?!

Yes, it’s the roll out of our newest fandangled BOUTIQUE GUIDE! This is a really, truly excellent experiment in cooperative advertising. We’ve built The Boutique Guide to get small boutiques – generally just a one or two person operation – a leg up on their (lass capitally challenged) competition. The Boutique Guide advertises itself along… Continue reading What the Heck! The Boutique Guide?!