What is in a name? SEO strategies for Facebook

Establishing Connections. Social media represents a critical marketing opportunity for small business in creating connections with potential clients through shares and referrals. There are certain marketing and SEO strategies that standout in creating value for your business. We all have that friend that excusably shares information just to draw attention. It is important to invest… Continue reading What is in a name? SEO strategies for Facebook

Responsive Design and Why it is important for your Small Business Website

Responsive design provides users with quick seamless access to the same content regardless if they are using a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop/desktop. “Web Design is responsive design, Responsive Wed Design is web design, done right.” – Andy Clarke A responsive design website responds to the device it’s being viewed on by fluidly changing… Continue reading Responsive Design and Why it is important for your Small Business Website

Early Learning Coalition Has A New Website

The ELC of alachua county came to us looking for some help with their current website. They had evidently been hacked on their Joomla installation and there were a number of issues that rippled out from that. We attempted to fix the installation but the site was outdated and needed a refresh anyway. We mentioned… Continue reading Early Learning Coalition Has A New Website

Come On Folks, It’s All About Site Structure, Still!

I like what Jeff Bezos said about your margin being his opportunity. In the same way, for other SEO companies out there, your inattention to site structure is our opportunity. We just wish your clients didn’t have to suffer through it before they come to us to get it right. We had a recent client,… Continue reading Come On Folks, It’s All About Site Structure, Still!

A Little ZipBamBoom From Livewire and You’re #1

Performance Transmission came to us in need of a Gainesville SEO Expert. Luckily, we have one of those and loan him out on occasion. They had tried other SEO tactics and were just not seeing the results they needed. No matter what they were doing they couldn’t jawbone Google into responding. We offered them our… Continue reading A Little ZipBamBoom From Livewire and You’re #1

Linking Your G+ Page To Your Website

We always get asked: Does anyone use G+? Yes. Is it worth it? Again, Yes. Using Google’s products would obviously help your standing with their search algorithm. We don’t know this to be technically true but it certainly seems so in our experience. The more you use and integrate Google products, often, the better your… Continue reading Linking Your G+ Page To Your Website

JW Freeman Plumbing Has A New Website

JW Freeman plumbing is a new client with lots of potential. He needs something that will put him on top and Livewire is that something. We have tons of experience and dozens of happy clients that proves we have the formula for success. We don’t keep it a secret either. We are upfront about how… Continue reading JW Freeman Plumbing Has A New Website

Understanding Image Optimization

Image optimization is complicated and a multi-tiered process that takes months of study and practice. Just kidding. It’s easy. First, make sure you’re images aren’t huge. Most digital devices take pictures in high resolutions and most stock photos come that way. Always size your images to the exact size they’re going to be online. If… Continue reading Understanding Image Optimization

Authority + Trust + Relevance = Rankings

Here you go – the magic formula for ranking on Google. Yes, Yahoo and Bing still matter … even though the third most searched term on Bing is “Google”  – people trying to get back to Google, but they’re still relevant. It’s just easier to focus on Google as they lead the algorithm predator/prey dynamic.… Continue reading Authority + Trust + Relevance = Rankings

SEO is No Big Secret

Really, SEO is not some big secret. Some companies try to pretend it is but you don’t have to be an expert to manage your own SEO. What do you think search engines like Google want? Well, they want what their users’ want. That’s how they get business, they want the most relevant content at… Continue reading SEO is No Big Secret

Offline linking

This is a profound point. A lot of linking takes place offline. Sounds weird but many great links sprout from the personal relationships you make as a business. Noteworthy links can be found at your local chamber of commerce just like any Hotfrog or elocal directory site. “This is definitely the most commonly overlooked SEO tactic of… Continue reading Offline linking

Good one on Sitelinks

Sitelinks also factor into your ad rank, and can influence the position of your ad on search page. Ad Rank previously took into account your max cost-per-click (CPC) and quality score, and now ad extensions and formats are another component of the calculation. Seems like a no-brainer to implement, right? Surprisingly, many clients are still not… Continue reading Good one on Sitelinks

Insurency SEO

Glad to have Insurency on board with the Livewire team. We did not make their website but we’ll be doing their Internet marketing. We have a great plan for them and will be proud to be competing alongside huge names like Geico and Progressive. It’s quite the challenge but we’re up for it. Their program… Continue reading Insurency SEO


Back in the day a simple website could get away with an on-page sitemap. Just a simple list of pages somewhere on the site. Not so much anymore. Sitemaps – at least the ones we intend for search engines to look at – are all internal. We use a programming scheme called XML to create… Continue reading Sitemaps

Raven Tools

Took a look at Raven SEO tools today. Really, not all that impressed. They have a good price but it mostly looks like you’re just hooking up other services to be managed in one location. That’s valuable in and of itself, but not really what we’re looking for with SEO management software. We’ve gone back… Continue reading Raven Tools

Should you be wary of SEO firms?

Good Call Commander! You should absolutely be suspicious of SEO firms these days. The industry is unfortunately saturated with unscrupulous, downright devious companies that prey on  unsuspecting business owners attempting to better their rankings. They pump your site full of fluff and post thousands of links around their web of interconnected spam sites. We’re not… Continue reading Should you be wary of SEO firms?

Search Engine Optimization

More important than ever and we’re at the leading edge. One of our best success stories is Rose Petals Nursery. We’ve been doing optimization for them for some time now with some great results. We’re dominating from top to bottom. Just check out this high level, competitive keyword: Old Garden Roses. Where we site comfortably at #2

What the Heck! The Boutique Guide?!

Yes, it’s the roll out of our newest fandangled BOUTIQUE GUIDE! This is a really, truly excellent experiment in cooperative advertising. We’ve built The Boutique Guide to get small boutiques – generally just a one or two person operation – a leg up on their (lass capitally challenged) competition. The Boutique Guide advertises itself along… Continue reading What the Heck! The Boutique Guide?!