What is in a name? SEO strategies for Facebook

Establishing Connections. Social media represents a critical marketing opportunity for small business in creating connections with potential clients through shares and referrals. There are certain marketing and SEO strategies that standout in creating value for your business. We all have that friend that excusably shares information just to draw attention. It is important to invest… Continue reading What is in a name? SEO strategies for Facebook

Recover From A Negative SEO Attack

Nothing can be quite as irritating or as damaging as an unscrupulous competitor or determined unhappy client that is willing to go to any length to harm your business. It doesn’t take much for some people to launch an all out assault on your business, endangering everything you’ve worked for. Maybe they have a valid… Continue reading Recover From A Negative SEO Attack

Linking Your G+ Page To Your Website

We always get asked: Does anyone use G+? Yes. Is it worth it? Again, Yes. Using Google’s products would obviously help your standing with their search algorithm. We don’t know this to be technically true but it certainly seems so in our experience. The more you use and integrate Google products, often, the better your… Continue reading Linking Your G+ Page To Your Website

Maintaining Correct Site Structure

One of the biggest holes in a client’s SEO (pre livewire SEO, that is) is almost always the site structure. So many SEO companies focus on content and backlinks that quality code is often overlooked. There are many cases where we have come into the tail end of another company’s SEO efforts and changed only… Continue reading Maintaining Correct Site Structure

Extend Your iPhone or iPad Battery Life

A common problem in todays world – batteries haven’t really kept up with the rest of the tech world and are absolutely the weak link in virtually any modern day tech pack. Things have gotten better over the years. My smartphone lasts about 18 hours depending on usage now, when a few years ago it… Continue reading Extend Your iPhone or iPad Battery Life

To Gimp or Not To Gimp

In the world of photo editing, adobe photoshop is king. They really do have an amazing product. It’s sleek, works great, and is very robust sporting dozens and dozens of functions and endless possibilities for the graphic artist.  Photoshop is also very, very expensive. The entire Adobe creative suite is a major ripoff in our… Continue reading To Gimp or Not To Gimp

Session Timeouts

We’re currently fixing a set of issues with a shopping cart created through a different developer for a local client. They did a pretty good job but forgot about session timeouts. A lot of developers gloss over this aspect of their ecommerce site and unfortunately customers pay the price. Sessions are what is created to… Continue reading Session Timeouts

Should you be wary of SEO firms?

Good Call Commander! You should absolutely be suspicious of SEO firms these days. The industry is unfortunately saturated with unscrupulous, downright devious companies that prey on  unsuspecting business owners attempting to better their rankings. They pump your site full of fluff and post thousands of links around their web of interconnected spam sites. We’re not… Continue reading Should you be wary of SEO firms?

The Best of HTML 5

Thank Goodness HTML 5 is finally here and it’s everything we expected it to be and more! Out of the many new features with the code standards comes with it many new and exiting programs to facilitate the production of HTML 5 websites. One great new tool is called Modernizer. This is a javascript library… Continue reading The Best of HTML 5