Code School: Woo Shipping Per Product Count Script

Here’s a little snippet that has been useful for woocommerce development. This regulates shipping charges from a simple fee based system to a fee per quantity output. We modified this to allow for a couple of different shipping charge options based on quantity – first by three’s and then free shipping if over 9 are …

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Woocommerce Products Per Page

Interestingly Woocommerce does not seem to have a default setting for ‘products per page’. Unsurprisingly, there’s a simple workaround. Add to your functions.php Replace “28” with whatever number you want. add_filter( ‘loop_shop_per_page’, create_function( ‘$cols’, ‘return 28;’ ), 20 );

WordPress Email Issues

Every now and again we run into issues with WordPress where the email functionality has stopped working. This is usually the result of corrupted core files and/or plugin conflicts. Easy enough to fix: disable plugins or upload a fresh copy of the software and you’re good to go. There are those times though that it …

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