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Simplifying JavaScript Development with Essential Tools

JavaScript is an incredibly powerful language that drives the dynamic and interactive elements of web applications. However, it can also be complex and challenging to work with, especially as projects grow in size and scope. Fortunately, there are a number of tools available that can streamline the development process, making JavaScript easier to manage and …

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Website To Text

Introducing the Livewire Website to Text Application, a cutting-edge tool that transforms consumer engagement. Imagine having the ability to instantly connect with customers in a personalized way, bridging the gap between your website visitors and your company with ease. With this game-changing feature, you gain access to a plethora of advantages that completely alter how you …

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PHP Is Still King

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a popular server-side scripting language for building websites. Around 70% of all websites online today use PHP, a computer language that was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. Since it is available for everyone to use and alter, PHP is known as an open-source language. This has spawned a sizable community …

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ADA Compliance

ADA compliance refers to the compliance of websites with the Americans with Disabilities Act, a federal law in the United States that requires businesses and organizations to make their goods and services accessible to people with disabilities. In the context of websites, this means ensuring that individuals with visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive impairments can …

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Code School: Woo Shipping Per Product Count Script

Here’s a little snippet that has been useful for woocommerce development. This regulates shipping charges from a simple fee based system to a fee per quantity output. We modified this to allow for a couple of different shipping charge options based on quantity – first by three’s and then free shipping if over 9 are …

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WordPress Custom Post Type Category Images : Solved

If you’re a WordPress developer, you’ve probably been here. You want to use images for your categories, but they are custom taxonomies. Here’s how to solve that issue. We’re using a plugin called “Category Images” by Muhammad Said El Zahlan. Download, install and activate the plugin. Now you can add images to your categories in any …

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