Facebook Ads V2

Still debating whether or not to use facebook ads? The short answer is you just have to put something out there to get the data back in order to determine if it gives you that ROI or not. Facebook’s network is extensive and the major benefit of advertising on it is how highly you can …

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Netgear Routers Are Terrible

Why did we purchase this product for our office? What a mistake. Range on this router is about 4 feet before the signal drops off significantly. Speeds are sketchy and we experienced significant slowdown periods throughout the day. Connections lost – impromptu port disabling, you name it. If there is ever a “rise of the machines” …

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What is Lorem Ipsum?

Lorem ipsum is simply Latin text. Gobbledygook, essentially. Well, not really; It does have its roots in latin text from just before the BC to BCE line, so that puts it around 2000 years old. Past that, it’s gibberish.  Sometimes web developers need filler text to create web pages. Instead of just typing the word …

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