New Mobile SIte

Head on over to livewiregeeks on your mobile device

It’s our new mobile site based on Chalis iwebapp – a powerful framework that works well across the board. Livewire mobile has everything our main website has but is built for mobile devices. A custom redirect script detects whether a user is accessing the website via a mobile device and, if so, automatically redirects them to the mobile website. Pretty neat.

If users want to go back to the desktop version, they can do so, but the mobile experience is meant to keep things simple for all users. Mobile website’s are a snap, and a typical website is easy to transform into an iwebapp. It’s affordable too – we don’t charge you an arm and a leg to do something that is relatively easy for us. We can pass the iwebapp savings onto you.

We also are pro’s at responsive website design. This means that your website has a fluid grid system that alters its shape depending on the device you’re on. So the website fits all screen sizes. Responsive design requires a complete overhaul of your website. It is a new way of thinking about website design, but it saves on maintenance and, not to mention, looks really cool. Either way, livewire has you covered on the mobile front. Web apps are a simple and responsive design is powerful. We can find the right solution for you.


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Minimalism in Design

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