Northwest Seafood has a new website!

Thanks to our killer Gainesville Web Design another Gainesville company has joined the livewire family with a brand new website! It’s wordpress so we can’t take credit for the design in it’s entirety but the layout is great and they’re very happy with the finished product. Their original site was mainly flash and really needed a modern upgrade. Flash is out, and thankfully so. There’s really just no use for it anymore. It’s bulky, cumbersome and you can forget about it on the ever popular Apple products so what’s the point really. HTML5 can do it all anyway. Scott and Lee have been running a successful business for about a quarter century now and really have cornered the market on fresh seafood in the Gainesville area. Their two location serve a large population with the best in Gulf and Atlantic seafood. Plus they’re really nice guys.

Cheers to you and your new website!

Javascript called by PHP

Interesting little snippet. What is going on here? Livewire gives you the low down.    if($num_rowvs == 0){ echo ‘<script>// <![CDATA[ alert(“This is an alert

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