Theo Has A New Website

Theo s Lawn MaintenanceTheo’s Lawn Maintenance worked out a sweet deal with Livewire and we’ve been helping them do some of the SEO and web work Their old design was working fine but needed just a little pizazz and a contact form upgrade. We gladly complied and set them up in this little gem.

Understanding what our clients need is what we do. Theo is happy and now that he’s climbing onto page 1 (because of our SEO work) he’s enjoying first rate online exposure at an affordable rate. He’s able to compete with businesses many times his size and pull in clients from loads of new search engine traffic. As SEO experts, we know exactly what it takes to put your website onto page 1 in the most efficient manner possible.

CSS Evolution

Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS revolutionized the way the web was/is written. The next evolution has been the roll out of CSS3. With all kinds

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