Why is WordPress our Go-To CMS?

Easy. It’s easy.

Easy to use, operate and teach. We have dealt with virtually every blogging and Content Management Software out there, in existence, forever. Seen them all. Virtually all of them have their individual issues, yes, even WordPress. But few are as intuitive and easy to learn.


Obviously, easy to use. Adding content is a snap, posts, snappier,


There are literally thousands of tutorials, videos, articles, forums, blogs and other informational resources to guide you through all aspects of building and maintaining a WordPress website. With a simple question to Google, you have a vast array or technical resources to help you along.

Plugins & Themes

Thousands of plugins, some bad, some good, are available with WordPress. Yes, other management systems have plugins and modules too but they likely aren’t as robust or prevalent as what is available with WP. Along with the thousands of plugins, there are thousands of themes out there. Many have their own interfaces so you can modify them without having to know any HTML or PHP.


Setup. Some themes or plugins require some setup – but that’s the case everywhere and likely won’t change – so not sure that this is really a “con” per se, but we need to fill the space…. so, if we had to choose something, this is it. Otherwise WordPress is really the top of the line software for website building and blogging available today. I wouldn’t expect it to go anywhere anytime soon but there may be a day when something better comes along – considering the amount of user participation is involved in WordPress that doesn’t seem to likely to happen in the near future.