What the Heck! The Boutique Guide?!

Yes, it’s the roll out of our newest fandangled BOUTIQUE GUIDE!

This is a really, truly excellent experiment in cooperative advertising. We’ve built The Boutique Guide to get small boutiques – generally just a one or two person operation – a leg up on their (lass capitally challenged) competition.

The Boutique Guide

The Boutique Guide advertises itself along with individual boutiques in various online and print forms. We also are pushing the SEO to the max here – it’s our leg up in the industry. There’s no doubt we can put it on page 1 for all sorts of great keywords.

So boutiques get to take advantage of our superior optimization skills for an extremely low price, like $25 per year to start out. Plus they get regular online and print advertising. Awesome for them. Awesome for us.

Check out The Boutique Guide.

Insurency SEO

Glad to have Insurency on board with the Livewire team. We did not make their website but we’ll be doing their Internet marketing. We have

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