CSS Animation, The New Flash?

I’ve used it, so I am not immune to the pull of CSS animation, but what are we doing here folks? Used sparingly, CSS animation is at best a small way to augment conversions (button wiggle), but at worst it is a resource hog that destroys readability and flow. I can guarantee that users would rather have speedy content rather than see a box fly in, or out, or flip and tip it’s hat. It’s “neat”, but pointless.

Remember the days of flash? Flash menus, banners, headers – even entire sites built on flash. It was disgusting. What do we see today with CSS animation? Mostly the same thing. Sacrificing resources at the alter of ‘wow factor’.

Why not try to have compelling content. Focus on your storytelling rather than dressing up your content in obnoxious animation. Does CSS animation have it’s place? Maybe, sure. But only in very specific situations and for certain industries. I mean, you don’t want your funeral home to have a lot of ‘pop’, do you?