CSS Animation, The New Flash?

I’ve used it, so I am not immune to the pull of CSS animation, but what are we doing here folks? Used sparingly, CSS animation is at best a small way to augment conversions (button wiggle), but at worst it is a resource hog that destroys readability and flow. I can guarantee that users would… Continue reading CSS Animation, The New Flash?

Facebook Ads V2

Still debating whether or not to use facebook ads? The short answer is you just have to put something out there to get the data back in order to determine if it gives you that ROI or not. Facebook’s network is extensive and the major benefit of advertising on it is how highly you can… Continue reading Facebook Ads V2

Extend Your iPhone or iPad Battery Life

A common problem in todays world – batteries haven’t really kept up with the rest of the tech world and are absolutely the weak link in virtually any modern day tech pack. Things have gotten better over the years. My smartphone lasts about 18 hours depending on usage now, when a few years ago it… Continue reading Extend Your iPhone or iPad Battery Life

Netgear Routers Are Terrible

Why did we purchase this product for our office? What a mistake.┬áRange on this router is about 4 feet before the signal drops off significantly. Speeds are sketchy and we experienced significant slowdown periods throughout the day. Connections lost – impromptu port disabling, you name it. If there is ever a “rise of the machines”… Continue reading Netgear Routers Are Terrible