Eat More Protien

Meat in your website diet is needed – you’re probably in optimization atrophy … What is meat for your website? Content. Your site need fresh content added to it on a regular basis. Good content. Compelling content. But most of all, it need to be original content. That means say goodbye to copy and pasting anything,… Continue reading Eat More Protien

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Linking Your G+ Page To Your Website

We always get asked: Does anyone use G+? Yes. Is it worth it? Again, Yes. Using Google’s products would obviously help your standing with their search algorithm. We don’t know this to be technically true but it certainly seems so in our experience. The more you use and integrate Google products, often, the better your… Continue reading Linking Your G+ Page To Your Website

JW Freeman Plumbing Has A New Website

JW Freeman plumbing is a new client with lots of potential. He needs something that will put him on top and Livewire is that something. We have tons of experience and dozens of happy clients that proves we have the formula for success. We don’t keep it a secret either. We are upfront about how… Continue reading JW Freeman Plumbing Has A New Website

Understanding Image Optimization

Image optimization is complicated and a multi-tiered process that takes months of study and practice. Just kidding. It’s easy. First, make sure you’re images aren’t huge. Most digital devices take pictures in high resolutions and most stock photos come that way. Always size your images to the exact size they’re going to be online. If… Continue reading Understanding Image Optimization

Why is WordPress our Go-To CMS?

Easy. It’s easy. Easy to use, operate and teach. We have dealt with virtually every blogging and Content Management Software out there, in existence, forever. Seen them all. Virtually all of them have their individual issues, yes, even WordPress. But few are as intuitive and easy to learn. Pros. Obviously, easy to use. Adding content… Continue reading Why is WordPress our Go-To CMS?