Authority + Trust + Relevance = Rankings

Here you go – the magic formula for ranking on Google. Yes, Yahoo and Bing still matter … even though the third most searched term on Bing is “Google”  – people trying to get back to Google, but they’re still relevant. It’s just easier to focus on Google as they lead the algorithm predator/prey dynamic.… Continue reading Authority + Trust + Relevance = Rankings

Netgear Routers Are Terrible

Why did we purchase this product for our office? What a mistake. Range on this router is about 4 feet before the signal drops off significantly. Speeds are sketchy and we experienced significant slowdown periods throughout the day. Connections lost – impromptu port disabling, you name it. If there is ever a “rise of the machines”… Continue reading Netgear Routers Are Terrible

Better Than Notepad: Notepad ++

We love this little program. It’s a replacement for Notepad called Notepad++. It’s like notepad on steroids. Lots of  new, useful functions – essentially, everything Microsoft neglected to put into their product,; open source, once again, has provided a better alternative. Easy find/replace functions, even in files so no need to know exactly where the… Continue reading Better Than Notepad: Notepad ++